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Brewery Virginia


Brewery Virginia BP

Archive Design Services is currently working on conceptual designs for a brewery. In addition to housing the vast amount of process equipment and piping, there will be self guided tours highlighting the brewing process, customer tasting opportunities, private and public dining facilities that will include special events and private bookings, and a retail area. The 30,000 sf phase 1 buildout will include all of the customer service components and primary brewing infrastructure with a 50,000 sf phase 2 buildout featuring added fermentation and processing capacity. We’re very excited about this opportunity and we are looking forward to sharing our experiences as we make progress on this exciting project.

Office Building

Office Jessup


Office Jessup Side

The Drenner Office Building is one of several projects to come online. Currently in the design development stage, the Drenner Office Building represents classic industrial design. The owners vision of industrial design coupled with a mix of industrial and modern interior elements gives way to a welcoming departure from the standard office building. Currently designed as a four story structure with at grade access from two levels and a balance of brick, architectural block, steel lintels and glass panels with 12″x12″ divided lights, the Drenner Office Building is on its way to becoming a classic!



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